About Comanchero Canyons Museum

Preserving the rich, diverse history of the area of Briscoe, Crosby, Hall, Motley, Floyd, and Swisher Counties

The Comanchero Canyons Museum is a 501c3 non-profit that doesn't charge admission but greatly appreciates donations to help defray operating costs. We focus our historical research on the counties of Swisher, Briscoe, Hall, Floyd, Motley, and Crosby.

Our displays, using artifacts, replicas, and research, depict the time before human occupation and progresses through the hunter-gatherers, circa 15,000 BP, associated with the mastodons and other prehistoric animals, the various Native American tribes, the early Spanish influence (Coronado, 1541), the Republic of Texas' disastrous Texan-Santa Fe Expedition in 1841, the 4th Cavalry scouts in 1871-1872 culminating in driving the tribes to the reservations during the Red River War in 1874-75, and ultimately the cattle ranches and "civilized" occupants that followed in 1876-1899.

Replica wagons built by museum co-founder Ronnie Carpenter.